Are you ready for ATMOS ?

In light of the new Atmos and other > 7 channel options, reader here will need to consider some points in planning their new home theatre systems.

As renovation / hacking might be involved, the decision should first be taken to decide on how many surround channels will there be?

If all one needs is 5.1 or 7.1, then wired up accordingly during renovation.

However if there is an intention to go for the new stuff, such as DTS-Neo X or Audyssey DSX or Atmos etc, then one has to adhere to the prescribed speaker placement positions that Dolby or DTS suggests, otherwise there may be inference between each speaker, and you don't get that nice surround envelop.

But now ceiling speaker positions have come back into fashion, and will enhance Atmos, but one still needs rear surround speakers, and those won't do well in the ceiling.

So plan well, and also understand again that one needs to decide if aesthetics matter more or can one go for the best positions.


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RIP Robin Williams

Farewell my dear captain

Robin Williams has had a profound effect on movie goers over at least four decades and it is with much regret that I read about his demise, especially in such a sad way.

Most will remember his vast repertoire of hits, from his days as a stand up comedian to his days in TV as Mork and moving onto the large screen, where he had built up a significant gallery of hits, and even giving him an Oscar.

However beneath the veneer of side splitting performances, if one examines his movies and gets below his humor, you will notice as many reviewers have done, that there's a dark side which belies all the fun and light.
> I recall two of my favorite shows, Mrs Doubtfire and Good Morning Vietnam, and you will notice the sadder side of a very gifted man. The shows don't have a happily ever after ending, and gives you an insight into his more negative aspect. In fact I cannot bear to finish watching Vietnam and Patch Adams for their sad endings. This bittersweet ending seems to be a trend for his movies.

Two more shows have influenced me in life and career, the Dead Poets Society and Patch Adams, which gave me a passion to teach, and also taught me that medicine is more than just drugs, needles and surgery. Instead you need passion to pursue life in general and learnt the word "Carpe Diem!"  Seize the day, and live life to the fullest, and touch someone positively daily.

He won patients over with humor and showed compassion when others had given up on these downtrodden people. And in Kingfisher he added an additional dimension of compassion again.
> Even in these moving dramas, we cannot get away from the sadness, and you will recall the losses he feels, in losing his girlfriend in Patch, his job in Poets and whilst the world sends him adulations for his work, no one seemed to know more about his inner demons.
 It is sad that a man who gives us so much humor ends his life in one of the saddest fashions possible.

Oh my dear captain! Farewell and rest in peace. God bless

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

So what makes a good action movie and does Guardians of the Galaxy have the ingredients?

You have action by the loads – check
Funny lines and snappy dialogue – check
Underdogs fighting against overwhelming odds or a very powerful opponent – check
Swashbuckling – check
A little romance, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the plot – check

So you have an ensemble movie, set in space, with a plot not unlike a half dozen others, where a young Terra man gets brought up to be a space scavenger, but really ends up doing incredible things to save the world or in this case, the universe Along the way, he picks up more oddball characters and side kicks plus the inevitable romantic connection, which comes in the form of a green and very feisty Zoe Saldana, who prefers to kick than kiss him. True romance doesn’t run smooth …

The gold standard for the devil may care, swashbuckling, dashing anti-hero is Hans Solo, played to perfection by the young Harrison Ford. Buck Rogers was a distant second, and you need a person who has that effortless ability to carry off this combination well for the movie to hang together. Then the other characters all fit in.
Using Stars Wars as the analogy, you have the Chewbacca in the form of Groot, the Ent-like character who has less lines than old Arnie did in the first terminator, which suits Vin Diesel well..  He plays a tree like creature with interesting powers. He in turn is the trusty companion and side kick of and a talking raccoon, which probably has the highest IQ of the group. There is also a vengeance element, played by a very menacing, and muscular ex MMA sort, that likes to take things literally and call Zoe the ‘whore’..
The feisty Princess type comes in the form of Zoe, and we also the powerful Darth Vader villain sort, which is well fleshed out by the Accuser. This Accuser, is one mean guy with lots of power, an ego to match who is bent on doom and destruction.

So technically it should succeed and bring it the crowds. It does succeed to a certain extent, and it’s funny, action packed but…

So what’s the BUT…

Chris Pratt tries his best to strut, talk and fight his way to stardom- literally, but he is not Hans Solo, and somehow I feel I have seen or heard parts of the movie elsewhere before. Even so, it’s still a very enjoyable 2 hour distraction, with plenty of funny scenes, and action to keep us distracted, but it won’t make it into the same revered category as Star Wars or Indiana Jones, two movies it borrows heavily from. Neither will it have the nostalgia of The Last Starfighter, as most viewers will not have read the comic. However to be honest I am glad the plot moves along well, with good pacing and chemistry between the actors, and more importantly you don’t need to have done homework and read the comic to follow the plot.

For me, the highlight was the accompanying music, and the first scene when we first encounter the adult Starlord, and the music he plays as he recovers the Orb. I for one, will be buying the soundtrack first, and possible the BR disc, especially since this movie was processed in Dolby Atmos.

The movie is recommended and I look forward to the disc too.

Story 3/5
Action 4/5
Chicks who look good – ok ok

Watch it and buy the BR disc for the surround.
 I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.

Food joy kitchen

Simple decor but the prices are reasonable and the food isn't bad. Parking is easy and the place is kid friendly too.