Curtains + room treatment:

Curtains + room treatment:

After sorting out which of the main systems you wish to buy, you may also wish to consider various elements of room treatment.

Most new homes are nice shiny classy affairs, with designs which might even make the covers of some Home Improvement magazines. However most do not have much room treatment, and it is my personal yet strong opinion that you should consider this to be as important as a new pair of speakers.

In fact I would go as far as to say, the improvements that you hope to achieve with a spanking new pair of speakers will be negated or slighted by poor or no room treatment.

Now I will be first to say, that it is not easy as the idea of foam pads or other forms of soundproofing may not go down well with the missus. But a set of curtains are a start and most home needed them anyway.

Since not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated HT room, the inevitable location will be the living room and this place serves many other functions, and it is actually the ambient noise levels which will affect your experience.

Many demos in showrooms tend to crank their systems up to deafening levels to compensate for the noise around their showrooms, this may accentuate the bass, but tends to drown out details as our ears start to shut down, or our spouses leave the demo in disgust.

So may I suggest the opposite:

Quieten the listening environment, lower your noise floor and turn down the volume. Sounds counter-intuitive? Try it or come and listen, happy to show how it works.

Then add "black - out" curtains.

I use a guy called Joseph Hong in AMK (97946060 Homg Ming Store Ptd Ltd) - 64523830 (no financial interests in this store).

A metre of this material will be about 26$ including installation.

It cuts out light and higher frequencies - note it is Not a bass absorber.

The material is easily washable and comes in many colours. You can use it for your windows, or even to partition off a section of your hall for the HT listening, or to cut down ambient light if you are using a projector.

No sense getting a fancy and expensive PJ and have all kinds of light leaking in and spoiling the experience.

Try it and see for yourselves!

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.

Knight & Day, Killers Movie review

This is a twin review of two recent movies with a rather similar concept. It reminds me of the time, Eraser and Mission Impossible came out also together, and Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan too.
First the similarities:

Both shows have a similar premise: they are about a beautiful woman who falls for a man of her dreams, who is charming, handsome and utterly irresistible. little does she know what he does and that where the trouble begins. Then mayhem ensues, as the explosions, bullets and bombs go off. Now this being a romantic action comedy sort of genre, you know that they will survive the bullets, the trials and tribulations of the relationship (well at least for the duration of the movie) and live happily ever after in supreme love for one another.

This is fronted by two reasonably likable stars - Aston Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, and they seem to try, but Aston is so wooden, that he should be afraid of and deserves to be eaten alive by termites. Heigl is hot, but has only one kind of expression and she is only good for the dumb blond role, which she has milked to the extreme in the past few roles, almost like a younger Jennifer Anniston. Both have limited acting chops and they show it clearly. The addition of Tom Selleck does not add much and you don't really know why people are trying to kill Aston unless they also disagree with the quality of his acting.
Plot: 2/5
Action 2/5 - there are some explosions, but the whole connect of the show is so disjointed that you can't really appreciate the action.
Chick factor - well Heigl is still hot, but it gets a little tiring 3.5
I would consider this for rental only if all the releases were taken for the week.
Knight and Day
Tom Cruise does a secret agent role once more, and his female lead here is Cameron Diaz, who tries to add her own ditzy flavor to this alternate spin on the spy romantic couple movie. She does bring some charm, but being almost a decade older than when she did Something about Mary and also Mask, an older lady doing the whole dumb blond thing is harder to swallow. So Killers takes one point for this.
But the older couple of Tom and Cameron definitely have more chemistry and their experience helps pull this movie one up on the Killers. The action is still outrageous but in a way you can stomach and they still manage to make it look a little effortless.
The plot is equally thin, but a little more believable. 3/5
Action is fair 3/5
Chick factor is lacking though: 2/5

So Knight and Day take the tie breaker, but with not much to spare. But if I had to take one of the two shows home for the weekend, it would be the latter... and it would not be a great weekend...

The Other Guys - movie review

The Other Guys

Some movies give you plenty of fun, action, and tumbles and add to the whole buddy cop genre. This is not one of them. It was quite painful to watch, and now I know why Will Ferrell justifies his label as most overpaid actor in Hollywood right now.

The duo would love to take over from The Rock and Samuel Jackson as the leading cops in a delinquent police department bent on body counts and car crashes, but they look like a gay couple and the movie cannot decide if it is an action, comedy or a serious movie. Eva Mendes just adds to a boob count and you don't really get the plot either.

Plot: 1/5
Action: some action scenes, but fans will be in a coma or wondering what's happening and not be too impressed 2/5
Chick factor: Eve Mendes does add some hotness, but in the end, she is poorly used and came on just to collect her paycheck. 2/5

I would not even recommend this as a rental.

Not just another Sydney trip - food and more

So who has not been to Oz and in particular Sydney? Blue mountains? Harbor bridge? Koalas? I think most of us have seen them all .. How a...